Virtual fields

Your model could have some fields which are not saved on database. You can define them as virtual

export default {
    "fields": {
        "id"     : { "type": "uuid", "default": {"$db_function": "uuid()"} },
        "name"   : { "type": "varchar", "default": "no name provided"},
        "surname"   : { "type": "varchar", "default": "no surname provided"},
        "complete_name" : {
            "type": "varchar",
            "virtual" : {
                get: function(){return + ' ' +this.surname;},
                set: function(value){
                    value = value.split(' ');
           = value[0];
                    this.surname = value[1];

A virtual field is simply defined adding a virtual key in field description. Virtuals can have a get and a set function, both optional (you should define at least one of them!). this inside get and set functions is bound to current instance of your model.