For apache cassandra 4.x, 3.x, scylladb 5.x or datastax enterprise 6.x, 5.x

npm install express-cassandra

For elassandra version 5.5.x

npm install express-cassandra elasticsearch

For janusgraph version 0.2.x

npm install express-cassandra gremlin@2.6.0

For older cassandra 2.x (no longer supported)

npm install express-cassandra@0.5.4

Please note that if you use the legacy cassandra 2.x compliant version then please use the corresponding file for that version. The following documentation is for version 4.x, 3.x and datastax enterprise 6.x/5.x only. The materialized view support and several other part of the documentation is strictly applicable for cassandra 4.x/3.x or scylladb 5.x or dse 6.x/5.x and will not work in earlier versions of cassandra.