Error Message Reference

The Error Object

The errors generated from express-cassandra uses the base error class defined by the apollo library. All errors are extended from the javascript Error object and contains a name property that identifies the error type. The message property contains the full error message. You can rely on the name property to check for the error type in your application. For example, the apollo.model.validator.invalidvalue is thrown when a data value for a field is not valid for the field data type or it did not pass the user defined validator in the schema rule.

List of ORM Errors

name description
unspecified unknown error type / uncaught exception
apollo.model.validator.invalidconfig invalid cassandra configuration
apollo.model.validator.invalidudt invalid user defined type definition
apollo.model.validator.invalidudf invalid user defined function definition
apollo.model.validator.invaliduda invalid user defined aggregate definition
apollo.model.validator.invalidschema invalid model schema definition
apollo.model.validator.invalidvalue invalid data value for model field
apollo.model.tablecreation.invalidname invalid cassandra table name
apollo.model.tablecreation.dbschemaquery error while retrieving table schema for cassandra
apollo.model.tablecreation.schemanotfound cassandra table for model schema does not exist
apollo.model.tablecreation.schemamismatch model schema does not match the cassandra table
apollo.model.tablecreation.dbcreate error while creating cassandra table
apollo.model.tablecreation.dbalter error while altering cassandra table
apollo.model.tablecreation.dbdrop error while dropping cassandra table
apollo.model.tablecreation.dbindexcreate error while creating index on cassandra table
apollo.model.tablecreation.dbindexdrop error while dropping index of cassandra table
apollo.model.tablecreation.matviewcreate error while creating materialized view
apollo.model.tablecreation.matviewdrop error while dropping materialized view
apollo.model.find.invalidop invalid operator in where query
apollo.model.find.invalidexpr invalid expr query object
apollo.model.find.invalidsolrquery invalid solr_query for datastax enterprise
apollo.model.find.invalidorder invalid order_by query object
apollo.model.find.multiorder multiple order_by query is not allowed
apollo.model.find.invalidordertype only $asc and $desc order types are allowed
apollo.model.find.limittype limit must be an integer
apollo.model.find.invalidinop invalid IN query, $in must be an array
apollo.model.find.invalidcontainsop $contains operator valid for indexed collections only
apollo.model.find.invalidcontainskeyop $contains_key operator valid for indexed maps only
apollo.model.find.invalidtoken $token must be an object with operator values
apollo.model.find.invalidtokenop invalid operator in token query
apollo.model.find.streamerror invalid stream query without an onReadable function
apollo.model.find.eachrowerror invalid eachRow query without an onReadable function
apollo.model.find.cberror callback function was required but not provided
apollo.model.find.dberror cassandra db error while trying to do a find query missing primary key field while trying to save data missing required field while trying to save data invalid default value set in model schema definition cassandra db error while trying to save data error returned from before_save hook function error returned from after_save hook function
apollo.model.update.unsetkey missing primary key field while trying to update data
apollo.model.update.unsetrequired unsetting required field while trying to update data
apollo.model.update.invaliddefaultvalue invalid default value set in model schema definition
apollo.model.update.invalidreplaceop invalid $replace operation while trying to update data
apollo.model.update.invalidprependop invalid $prepend operation while trying to update data
apollo.model.update.dberror cassandra db error while trying to update data
apollo.model.update.before.error error returned from before_update hook function
apollo.model.update.after.error error returned from after_update hook function
apollo.model.delete.dberror cassandra db error while trying to delete data
apollo.model.delete.before.error error returned from before_delete hook function
apollo.model.delete.after.error error returned from after_delete hook function