Express-Cassandra is a Cassandra ORM/ODM/OGM for NodeJS with support for ScyllaDB, Datastax Enterprise, Elassandra & JanusGraph.

No more hassling with raw cql queries from your nodejs web frameworks. Express-Cassandra automatically loads your models and provides you with object oriented mapping to your cassandra/scylladb tables like a standard ORM/ODM. Built in support for Cassandra, ScyllaDB, Elassandra and JanusGraph allows you to automatically manage schema, graph and data models from your javascript codebase. Models are written as javascript modules and they automatically create the underlying db tables, indexes, materialized views, graphs etc. Afterwards you can save, update, delete and query your data using supported model methods. It's decoupled nature allows you to use it with many popular node frameworks without much hassle.

If you are using elassandra, then saved data in cassandra automatically syncs with elasticsearch indexes defined in your schema. You can then do any query elasticsearch indexes support.

If you are using janusgraph, then you can easily manage your graphs and graph indexes. Creating vertices and edges become simple function calls. You can then do any graph query the tinkerpop3 gremlin query language supports.

Supported Features

  • supports the latest cassandra 4.x, 3.x and scylladb 5.x versions
  • compatible with datastax enterprise solr search and dse graph
  • support for elassandra index management and search queries
  • support for janusgraph graph management and tinkerpop3 gremlin queries
  • full featured CRUD operations and data type validations
  • full support for collections and other advanced data types
  • support for materialized views, secondary/custom/sasi indexes
  • support for complex queries, streaming and token based pagination
  • support for user defined types/functions/aggregates
  • support for batching ORM operations for atomic updates
  • support for before and after hook functions for save/update/delete
  • promise support with async suffixed functions
  • built-in experimental support for automatic migrations
  • built-in experimental support for fixture data import/export
  • optional support for query debug and progress logs
  • most of the bleeding edge cassandra and scylladb features are supported

This module internally uses cassandra-driver.